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Trilobites: Searching Tardigrades for Lifesaving Secrets

Researchers are drawing inspiration from the proteins that they think let hearty water bears cheat time by decelerating their biology.

The New Old Age: Dialysis Is a Way of Life for Many Older Patients. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be.

So-called conservative management can ease symptoms without dialysis in some people with kidney disease. But many of them are never given the option.

They’ve Taken America’s Temperature — and It’s Running High

Data from Kinsa, which makes internet-connected smart thermometers, indicates it’s a bad year for colds, but not the flu.

For Valentine’s Day, Try Being Nice to Yourself

Sending love to others is easy. Being kind to yourself can be surprisingly difficult.

F.D.A. Panel Recommends New Depression Treatment

The active ingredients of ketamine, a popular club drug, show promise in battling deep despair.

Ask Well: Can You Get Over a Food Intolerance?

Foods most often associated with intolerances were chocolate, food additives, citrus fruits, fish, shellfish, milk, cheese, eggs and nuts.

What You and Your Family Need to Know About Maternal Depression

A government panel’s new recommendations could bring hope to many women at risk for the condition. Here is what the group said and how you can use the information.

Why Do South Asians Have Such High Rates of Heart Disease?

“We all have someone in our first-degree circle that has either died suddenly or had premature cardiovascular disease,” said one researcher.

A.I. Shows Promise Assisting Physicians

A so-called neural network analyzed the medical records of 600,000 hospital patients in China, diagnosing their conditions as accurately as doctors did in some cases.

A Mother Learns the Identity of Her Child’s Grandmother. A Sperm Bank Threatens to Sue.

The results of a consumer genetic test identified the mother of the man whose donated sperm was used to conceive Danielle Teuscher’s daughter. Legal warnings soon followed.

8 Ways to Avoid Buying a Bad Mattress

Planning to take advantage of Presidents’ Day mattress sales? Here are eight pitfalls to avoid so you buy a mattress you’ll happily sleep on for years.

Q&A: A Tree Grows in — Well, You Don’t Want to Know

Fruit on trees grown near outhouses and latrines usually is safe. That’s not true of produce found on the ground in the same areas.

in her words: Could the U.S. Get Paid Family Leave? It’s Looking Better Than Ever

The United States is the only industrialized country that doesn’t guarantee its citizens paid family leave. A proposed bill could change that.

Do You Want to Be Pregnant? It’s Not Always a Yes-or-No Answer

New data on women’s uncertainty over motherhood may reshape how doctors and policymakers think about family planning.

Transgender Man Awarded $120,000 in Discrimination Case at Iowa Prison

Jesse Vroegh had sued for access to the men’s restrooms and locker rooms and for health care benefits at the prison where he worked.

The Instant, Custom, Connected Future of Medical Devices

3D-printed and “smart” pharmaceuticals are making medical treatments more effective. But it may take years before the new devices reach most patients, if they do at all.

Behavior at Age 6 May Predict Adult Income

Boys with high levels of inattention later earned an average of about $17,000 less a year, while prosocial behaviors predicted higher incomes.

Inflammation in Midlife May Lead to Memory Problems

The greater the number of inflammatory factors, the steeper the cognitive decline over 20 years of follow-up

Can Big Science Be Too Big?

A new study finds that small teams of researchers do more innovative work than large teams do.

Phys Ed: Exercise May Help to Fend Off Depression

Jogging for 15 minutes a day, or walking or gardening for somewhat longer, could help protect people against developing depression.

Eating Processed Foods Tied to Shorter Life

Foods like instant noodles and soups, breakfast cereals and chicken nuggets were associated with an earlier death.

A Distant Husband Becomes Caretaker and Falls Madly in Love Again

“I felt humility for the first time in my life,” he said, “my heart and soul opened up, and I could just feel that the special connection we once had was back again.”

Depression During and After Pregnancy Can Be Prevented, National Panel Says. Here’s How.

The task force of experts recommended at-risk women seek certain types of counseling, and it cited two specific programs that have been particularly effective.

Crystal Meth Is North Korea’s Trendiest Lunar New Year’s Gift

Many North Koreans see the highly addictive drug as a useful stimulant. The government denies that it even exists in the country.

Trending: Need a Breath of Fresh Air? Hotels to the Rescue

More hotels are adding air purifiers and filters to their guest rooms, either because the outside air is prone to smoke or pollution, or because guests demand them for health reasons.

The Best Exercises to Prevent Falls

Activities that required standing up rather than sitting, such as tai chi, were the most effective.

Hong Kong, Crossroads of the Criminal Wildlife Trade

Despite reforms, the territory is a linchpin in the global traffic in illegal animal parts.

Basics: Everywhere in the Animal Kingdom, Followers of the Milky Way

As scientists learn more about milk’s evolution and compositional variations, they are redefining what used to be a signature characteristic of mammals.

Q&A: Think You’ve Gained Weight This Winter? Check Out These Squirrels

Some species increase their size by more than 50 percent as temperatures cool.

Supplement Makers Touting Cures for Alzheimer’s and Other Diseases Get F.D.A. Warning

The agency warned 12 dietary supplement companies to stop marketing such products for disease treatments, and called for tougher regulation of the $40 billon industry.

The Checkup: Sometimes, Parenting Is Boring

Taking care of a young child can be the most fascinating thing in the world, but there are times, let’s face it, when it is not.

Personal Health: A New Treatment for a Painful Penis Curvature

Encouraging men to seek help for Peyronie’s disease, a condition that can make sex difficult.

Trilobites: A Rare Bird Indeed: A Cardinal That’s Half Male, Half Female

In a backyard in Erie, Pa., an unusual cardinal has appeared, displaying both male and female traits. Scientists say it may be a so-called gynandromorph.

‘Object’: British Lawmaker Blocks Bill Against Female Genital Cutting

For the second time, Christopher Chope, a Conservative member of Parliament, opposed a measure that would offer girls at risk greater protections.



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